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Carole Karuna

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Pose de yoga

My name is Carol Karuna. Of a passionate and committed nature, I choose to walk every day towards the awakening of consciousness, the path back to one's own truth, a daily journey towards an infinite metamorphosis. I facilitate soft spaces of connection and Self exploration through the different colors of my Arc.

About Me

Strongly inspired by Antonella Morun, Carol has been practicing since 2013. She received her initiation in India by Swami Satyasangananda (disciple of Sivananda and Satyananda) in 2019. Cumulating more than 925 hours of training in Hatha Yoga Postural, Restorative Yoga and more than 100 hours of Vipassana mindfulness meditation, Carole Karuna is continually perfecting herself. Always pushing her practice further, she follows Chakra Shuddi training in India.


In 2019, she discovered and learned about Access  Bars Consciousness © treatments and decided to specialize in pre and post natal yoga. In 2020 she obtains the title Doula.

Intuitively guiding collective Yoga classes (children, adults, seniors) with the intention that everyone finds there the welcome and the answer to their own needs of the moment. She offers Yoga Nidra-sound relaxation sessions that allow the complete rest of the physical, emotional and mental body.

She also offers private and semi-private sessions for tailor-made support with a full assessment as a Yoga Therapist. Through individual meetings and Accessbars treatments, she guides transformative awareness: Limiting beliefs, fears and blockages preventing access to your full potential and your full realization can disappear thanks to these treatments. Always with her intuition, she creates moments of reconnection to her heart so that the essence of her incarnation and the keys to her manifestation emerge from it.

The path of yoga: a surprising revelation!

''Since adulthood, I had become hyperactive and I chose activities that were always more entertaining and more intense than the others. I had built myself through this concept of constant search for performance and intensity at all costs, in all areas of my life. In this way, I felt like I was recognized and felt all the elation of my existence!


To feel that I existed, I had to "always" have the feeling of surpassing myself, of SURPASSING myself... I lost my balance and my health. In 2013, I suffered a burnout. My encounter with yoga happened thanks to a teacher in Montreal, who later became my trainer, collaborator, guide and ally. Yoga came into my life as an irrational and at the same time so obvious response! The revelation was during a 5 day stay in a Sivananda Ashram.


The incredible happened: by practicing daily 4 hours of Yoga and 2 hours of chanting and meditation I regained my vital energy and my clarity of mind! Yoga allowed me to reconnect to my inner being which had lost its way… and to rediscover my authenticity, my main strength! This powerful experience of reconnecting to my body, to my breath, to my emotions literally allowed me to regain control of my life by rediscovering the joy of following my intuition and my dreams in all simplicity and to appreciate the path towards 'unknown ! ''

Why did I choose to teach Yoga?

“Yoga allows me to nurture my life essence and to share it with joyful awareness and compassion with all beings who cross my path. Through his practice, I learned to reconnect with who I am, learn to listen to my feelings, understand my thought patterns to act as much as possible with awareness and no longer in reaction to old wounds for example. My teaching reflects my own evolution. I am committed to creating a welcoming and warm space in which the student can access his own inner space of calm and peace, present in each of us, through moments of meditation, breathing, practice of presence and letting go. »

Since 2019, I have taught in various places and with different audiences, going to day camps to teach yoga classes for children aged 4-12; to specialized care centers to teach chair yoga to people with multiple sclerosis in wheelchairs, seniors suffering from dementia; at community centers for adapted yoga and chair yoga for seniors, at outdoor spaces (Parc Maisonneuve Montreal) for yoga for adults, pregnant women and mothers with babies at Parc de la Rivière in Val David. I also created and shot several video clips for for an audience of children and their parents broadcast across Canada. I adapted with the various confinements by creating my own Yogi groups on Zoom...! 


Self-knowledge, connection through movement.

After my first steps, I found myself on the classical dance floors at the age of 4, I experimented with contemporary dance until my adolescence. Then, I choose to learn and practice Latin dances, Swing Lindy Hop, Balboa and Charleston dance which I practice for my pleasure until I am 30 years old.


During my many trips I like to discover regional dances and practice Afro Colombian and Brazilian dance (Forro and Kizomba). In 2018, I discovered the 5 Rhythms Dance by chance… in Montreal and it was a delicious alchemical revelation! Since then I have participated in courses, workshops and internships in France and Canada. With my passion for rhythm, movement and for personal development, I draw inspiration from these wonderful teachings to create and guide themed workshops combining the exploration of one's body, breath and emotions, accompanied by inspiring music. to perform magically for self-rediscovery!

Hope to meet you !

Carol Karuna xxx Om namo Shivaya

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