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La Maison de Soma, a Gastronomic restaurant

La Maison de Soma is a seasonal restaurant located in the heart of a diverse farm in the Laurentians, where creativity is inspired by the richness of the territory. Offering refined cuisine based on ingredients from its own agricultural production and local harvests, it invites you to explore its world through its gastronomic evenings, its dinners and its processed products.

In the heart of Mont-Tremblant, Maison de Soma celebrates nature and its immutable rhythm. As they explore the territory, they passionately cultivate the land and delicately harvest from their forests. This gourmet restaurant is much more than a place, it invites you to discover its own culinary identity, both emerging and authentic. Each dish, each flavor reflects respect for the seasons, the time given to the land to express its full potential and to the food to metamorphose. It is also a recognition of patient work, where certain ingredients reveal their splendor after months. Located in the heart of the Laurentians, the view extends over agricultural plots, Lake Maskinongé and the mountains, adding a sensory dimension to this communion with time and rural Quebec nature.

Every day at Maison de Soma is a celebration of the richness and diversity of the Quebec region. Their talented chefs skillfully transform harvest treasures into exquisite gastronomic creations. Guests are invited on a sensory journey where authentic flavors mingle with the captivating scents of the surrounding forests.

Each bite tells a story, that of the hard work of local producers, the passion of artisans and the love for a cuisine that draws its strength from nature itself. In this culinary sanctuary, time seems to stand still, allowing one to appreciate the simple and sophisticated delights that nourish the soul as much as the palate. La Maison de Soma welcomes you for a memorable gastronomic experience, where the harmony between man and nature can be fully savored.

For more information

+1 (833) 833 7662

380 Chemin Paquette, Mont-Tremblant

J8E 2A7

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