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The Domain

Our luxury cabins are located in the Laurentians mountains, on an estate of over 100,000 square feet just 25 minutes from Mont-Tremblant, within walking distance of Kanatha-Aki and the Center Plein Air Touski.


★ Recharge your couples batteries in our Tiny-Cabins made for couples ★

★ Disconnect with your loved one in the Family Cabin for 12 people ★

With massages, a co-working chalet, a yoga space and a private chef service, our estate offers everything you need to reconnect in the great outdoors. We welcome your four-legged friends free of charge in all our chalets.


Each chalet has a private spa, 65-inch HD television, indoor fireplace & exterior, panoramic patio doors, a private terrace, a double shower, a loft net and rooftop windows... 


★ Fall asleep under the stars ★

Our Tiny-Cabins